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Sangini Diamond Jewellery: For A Special Togetherness

Sangini diamonds stand for a special togetherness, as its tag line suggests Sangini jewellery celebrates an exceptional bond between two opposite sex. Sangini diamond jewellery artistically communicates the most innate feelings of Indian women. The jewellery brand from the house of Gitanjali was initially launched by Diamond Trading Company (DTC) prior to its ownership by Gitanjali Gems Ltd.

Sangini diamond eulogizes the value of a woman equal in a wonderful relationship called Love. Though diamond is the best companion of any woman (and perhaps therefore men are jealous of this magic stone), Sangini diamonds never devalue the significance of a true admirer & lover, who presents his love interest with a Sangini diamond.

As a matter of fact, Sangini diamond jewellery helps the lover verbalize his inhibited emotions towards his beloved. And with Sangini diamonds, it's hard for any woman to say no to the love proposal! Each and every design of Sangini jewellery collection reveals turns and twists that are part and parcel of any relationship; nevertheless, the bond grows stronger with the passage of time.