Comedy Box ( Set of 4 DVD'S)

Comedy Box ( Set of 4 DVD'S) (DVD)

By Paritosh Painter , Chandrashekhar Yeleti , Priyadarshan , Imtiaz Punjabi  Shreyas Talpade , Javed Jaffery , Ashish Chowdhary , Vatsal Seth , Neha Dhupia , Riya Sen , Delnaaz Paul , Sayali Bhagat , Asrani , Chunkey Pandey , Johnny Lever , Pavan Malhotra , Mohit Chadda , Veerendra Chauhan , Janardhan Chowdary , Abhishek Kumar , Om Puri , Ritesh Deshmukh , Reema Sen , Rajpal Yadav , Shakti Kapoor , Sudha Chandran , Gulshan Grover , Kader Khan 
Studio / Distributor: Eagle Home Entertainment
Format: DVD
Language: Hindi
EAN: C905EC5B0F107
No. of Units: 1
Binding: DVD
Sold by Radio and Gramophone ( Average Ratings: Rating of 4.1 out of 5 Rating of 4.1 out of 5 Rating of 4.1 out of 5 Rating of 4.1 out of 5 Rating of 4.1 out of 5 )
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Paying Guest is one such story about four friends who only create more problems while they think they are solving the existing ones. What happens when four young fun loving boys (SHREYAS TALPADE, JAVED JAFFREY, ASHISH CHOWDHARY and VATSAL SHETH) begin a crazy house hunt which takes them through a series of ultra comical hurdles in a bid to find that one roof that can tolerate and shelter their comblined problems? In search for new accommodations these crazy friends manage to convince their crazier landlord Ballu played by JOHNNY LEVER to keep them as paying guests, but he has only one condition i.e. he only wants couples. They say yes to his conditions, when all of them are bachelors. Who will play the wives? And how? The new drama triggers a series of confusions that build into rich complexity of mistaken dentities and a climax of comic wizardries. Paying Guests is a fast paced rip roaring comedy to be enjoyed by the entire family.
A story of five young friends, in Hyderabad. Or perhaps it's the story of everyone searching for a livelihood anywhere. These friends, four boys (Ramu, Shankar, Kumar, Vivek) and a girl (Aditi), are middle-class people with middle-class aspirations. In Mumbai, mafia don, Irfan Khan decides to shift operations to Dubai as the Narcotics Bureau raises the prize on his head to Rs. 50,00,000. As international airports are watched and borders sealed he hatches a plan. To get into a domestic flight in Hyderabad with the Maharashtra Home Minister.Irfan to travel incognito while four of his associates hijack the flight to Khatmandu in Nepal. There the hijackers would allow all the passengers, except the minister, to leave. The security forces, concerned about the minister, would not bother about the freed passengers. Irfan, one among them, would quietly slip away to Dubai. For this plan to succeed Irfan seeks to recruit four fresh boys, ones without police records. In Hyderabad. But the Intelligence Bureau isn't sitting tight. It forms a crack team with Deputy Director Zaheer Khan as the head to track the don down. Things go from bad to worse for the five friends struggling with careers that don't take off. Ramu takes a decision that shocks the others. They come face to face with the dreaded Irfan Khan. From here on their lives bump from twist to turn to twist for five endless days. How five ordinary, callow youngsters battle an extraordinary situaton forms the rest of the tale.
Malamaal Weekly is about the struggles and survivals of people in a small town. Plagued by poverty, bad harvests and a monster of a money lender called Karamkali, the people in this town are barely able to make ends meet. Leelaram, one of the towm's inhabitants, earns a meagre source of income through his business selling Malamaal Weekly Lottery Tickets. One day, while watching TV at a local tea stall, he learns that one of the tickets he'd sold has has in fact won the ONE CRORE BUMPER PRIZE. As most of the villagers are illiterate, Leelaram knows that he is privy to the information. The question is how to find that one ticket from the 105 he's sold. An idea hits him! Leelaram throws a party a virtual festivity for the people who are trying to survive. Leelaram, already debt ridden, manages to host this party at the expense of one his last asset, his Goat Kid who is treated like a child by Leelaram's wife !! Now, the party is only for his 105 customers on the condition that they bring their tickets as an invite to the celebration. As luck would have it, all turn up except one - Anthony the drunkard. Leelaram decides to pay him a visit. On reaching Anthony's house, he finds Anthony dead in front of the TV !! Too shocked on hearing about his victory, Anthony is DEAD with the lottery tickets still in his hand !! What follows from hereon is a roller coaster of unusual events with surprising twists & turns at every stage. Extremely funny situation, hilarious circumstances lead to a culminatin of a laugh riot climax which reveals the MAMAMAAL WEEKLY LOTTERY winners or losers.
Fun2ssh is about three dudes Ajju (Anju Sawhney) Vicky (Iqbal Khan) and Johnny (Paresh Rawal) and their adventures that span over about ten centuries. Bombay City lives in fear of a notorious thief who calls himself Chindi Chor and steals whenever and whatever he desires without any regard to security and police protection. When Ghoshal announces the exhibition and subsequent auction of Emperor Babusha's crown Chindi challenges him that he is going to steal this priceless crown and Ghosal accepts the challenge and hires private security guards. Chindi carries out the theft and two of the security guards Vikram and Ajay and an accomplice John D'Souza become prime suspects and are on the run. They must apprehend Chindi and recover the crown to absolve themselves of this crime. While being chased by security guards the trio crash into a wall and are transported back to the 10th century striaght into the palace of Emperor Babushah himself. The trio think they are on the sets of a Bollywood movie and take nothing seriously until they are imprisoned. It is then the hapless trio realize that they must not only escape but mut also take the crown back with them to the 21st century to absolve themselves of this crime. They do realize that only an miracle can get them back to the 21st century.

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Title: Comedy Box ( Set of 4 DVD'S)
Studio / Distributor: Eagle Home Entertainment
Director: Paritosh Painter , Chandrashekhar Yeleti , Priyadarshan , Imtiaz Punjabi
Cast: Shreyas Talpade , Javed Jaffery , Ashish Chowdhary , Vatsal Seth , Neha Dhupia , Riya Sen , Delnaaz Paul , Sayali Bhagat , Asrani , Chunkey Pandey , Johnny Lever , Pavan Malhotra , Mohit Chadda , Veerendra Chauhan , Janardhan Chowdary , Abhishek Kumar , Om Puri , Ritesh Deshmukh , Reema Sen , Rajpal Yadav , Shakti Kapoor , Sudha Chandran , Gulshan Grover , Kader Khan
Format: DVD
Language: Hindi
EAN: C905EC5B0F107
No. of Units: 1
Binding: DVD


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