Shri Krishna- (Set 1- Vol 1 To 15- Episodes 1 to 60)

Shri Krishna- (Set 1- Vol 1 To 15- Episodes 1 to 60) (DVD)

By Ramanand Sagar 
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Studio / Distributor: Reliance Home Videos and Games
Format: DVD
Language: Hindi
EAN: C65B8B3908107
Binding: DVD
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The epic TV serial 'Shri Krishna' sings the glory of Lord Krishna and is based on 'Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran' The life of Shri Krishna is not a simple subject since his life-span is spread across the endless ocean of immortality and eternity. Shri Krishna Bhakti (worship) is embedded in the soul of India since millions of years and HIS image has been nourished by innumerable generations of the common man. The whole world is the manifestation of Lord Krishna. There is nothing in the world except him. If we follow this and see God in every being, then there will no strife, no war in the world. There will be only Love and Devotion.
List of Episodes (Episodes - 1 to 60) (vol 1 to 15)

Episodes 1

Entry of Kaliyug- Chained Vasudeva gives first born to Kansa
Episodes 2

Akashwani- eighth son of Devaki will be slayer of Kansa
Episodes 3

Kansa mercilessly kills six babies of Devaki
Episodes 4

Kansa imprison his father King Ugrasen
Episodes 5

Kansa becomes King of Mathura
Episodes 6

The Lord ordanes birth of Devakis seventh son
Episodes 7

Devi Yogmaya transplants Devakis foetus in Rohinis womb
Episodes 8

Shri Krishna incarnates in Devakis womb
Episodes 9

Re- birth story of Devaki and Vasudev
Episodes 10

Vasudeva carrying Balkrishna crosses swolen Yamuna
Episodes 11

Nandrai meets Kans with gifts to divert his evil plans
Episodes 12

Krishna sucks poison from Putnas breasts and kills her
Episodes 13

Krishna cripples greedy bhrahmin Shridhar having tantra vidya
Episodes 14

Krishna Kills invisible demon Utkaj- Naam sanskaran of Balram by Garg Muni
Episodes 15

In a cow shed - Garg Muni names Yashodas son Krishna
Episodes 16

Garg Muni reveals Yashodas son Krishna is Devikas eighth son
Episodes 17

Krishna kills Trinavat
Episodes 18

Krishna darshan to Lord Shiva
Episodes 19

Krishna frees two yakshas from curse & Krishna shows Bhramand in his mouth to Yashoda
Episodes 20

Makhan chor Krishna
Episodes 21

Krishna's first flute
Episodes 22

Vastra haran of Gopis
Episodes 23

Krishna Kills Agrasar
Episodes 24

Kaliya Mardan- Krishna fights with Kaliya the black serpant
Episodes 25

Tula dan of Shri Krishna
Episodes 26

Krishna lifts Govardhan
Episodes 27

Dev Rishi Narad appears in darbar of Kansa and tells him that son of Nandrai Shri Krishna will be the cause of your death
Episodes 28

Krishna plays holi with Radha
Episodes 29

Maharishi Garg is convinced with the message of Vasudeva and Devaki send to Akrur
Episodes 30

Maha Raas- Krishna and Gopis
Episodes 31

The divine miricalous acts of Krishna- Kansa invites Krishna to Mathura for Dhanuryagya
Episodes 32

Truth revealed to Nand baba & Yashoda that Krishna is not their son
Episodes 33

Disclosure of the secret by Akroor- Shri Krishna decided to follow the path of duty after convincing Yashoda
Episodes 34

Divine conversation between Radha and Krishna
Episodes 35

Shri Krishna takes leave from Radha and proceeds to Mathura
Episodes 36

Shri Krishna reveals to Akroor his God head
Episodes 37

Salvation of Hunch back women ( Kubcha) by Krishna
Episodes 38

Shri Krishna breaks Shiv Dhanush
Episodes 39

Kansa Vadh by Krishna
Episodes 40

Devaki and Vasudeva are freed from Prision
Episodes 41

Nandbaba departs from Gokul leaving Krishna and Balram
Episodes 42

Krishna and Balram reach Sandipani ashram for Gurukul Shiksha
Episodes 43

Great saint Sandipani narrates Dus Avtar katha
Episodes 44

Krishna Gurukool Shiksha - Narshimha avtaar and Phralaad Katha
Episodes 45

Gurukool Shiksha- Matya avtaar- Kurm Avtaar, Samudra Manthan
Episodes 46

Gurukool Shiksha- Mohini Prasang, Waman Avtar
Episodes 47

Gurukool Shiksha- Story of Ram Avtaar- Birth of Shri Raam
Episodes 48

Gurukool shiksha- Thread ceramony of Ram /lakshma/bharat etc. - Killing of Tadka and Subahu
Episodes 49

Gurukool Siksha- Ram proceeds to vanvas- death of Dashrath
Episodes 50

Gurukool Siksha- Abduction of Sita to return of Rama to Ayodya
Episodes 51

Further education by Sandipani and first meeting of Krishna and Sudama
Episodes 52

Revelation of divine form by Krishna and Balram to Sandipani, Krishna vows to bring back Punardatt as Guru Dakshina
Episodes 53

Fight beetween Shri Krishna and Demon Panchajan at the bottom of oceon- Krishna brings back Punar dutt
Episodes 54

Introduction of Jarasand-Plan of Jarasang to attack Mathura
Episodes 55

Akrur in the court of Dhritrashtra- Shakuni misleads King Dhritrashtra
Episodes 56

Akrur meets Bhishma Pitamah and Vidhur- Akrur revals the devine sight of Krishna to Kunti
Episodes 57

Dhritrashtra refuses milatry assistance- Jarasand decided to eliminate Krishna and Balram
Episodes 58

Ugrasen rejects demand of Jarasang to hand over Krishna and Balram, Krishna and Balram set out to surrender themselves
Episodes 59

Krishna and Balram Battle the armies of Jarasanga
Episodes 60

Shameful defeat of Jarasang by Balram - Vicrory celebration of Shri Krishna and reception of Shri Krishna

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Title: Shri Krishna- (Set 1- Vol 1 To 15- Episodes 1 to 60)
Studio / Distributor: Reliance Home Videos and Games
Director: Ramanand Sagar
Format: DVD
Language: Hindi
EAN: C65B8B3908107
Binding: DVD


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