Ulimate Guide To The Awesome ( 7In 1) ( Set Of 7 Dvd'S)

Ulimate Guide To The Awesome ( 7In 1) ( Set Of 7 Dvd'S) (DVD)

Studio / Distributor: Eagle Home Entertainment
Format: DVD
Language: English
EAN: C2DE816C32103
No. of Units: 1
Binding: DVD
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Our oldest friends, work mates ad closest companions, dogs both domestic and wild are explored in this master reference to the world's gretest living cretures. For at least 12 thousand years Homo sapiens and canis lupus familiairs ave had a complex relationship.....dogs ar human's partners searching for drugs at busy airports, and their abandoed rejects atthe local pound. The film travels to te Mongolian steppes for a glimpse fo rerely seen Asian wolves and visits a family of foxes on an urban golf course: it chronicles dogs who guard herds of goats and dogs who can detect cancer in human patients.


Peaceful intelligent, friendly begins that swim as if they owned the sea, dolphins have long evoked our affection and fascination, but we know little about them. Reseachers at Texas A & M have strapped cameras to dolphins to slove the mystery of their deep diving ability. And scientists in Scotland have collected evidence of a darker side to the dolphin's personality, including vicious bite marks on young dolphins and amateur videotape of a group of dolphins tortouring and killing propoises. With cutting edge computer animation. Ultimate Guide shows what happened fifty million years ago, when a wolf- like mammal took to foraging in swamps and estuaries : It lost its back legs and its fur ; its nostrils fused and became a blowhole its front legs .urned into flippers ; and it learned to swim with less effort than any fish


From horsepower to horse sense from prehistory to modern times, meet these adaptive Equids in their myriad worlds. The Ultimate Guide to the Awesome : Horses explores the intricate physology that makes that Euqid speed possible. Learn how Equid bodies conserve oxygen as they run and how their physical structure increases the efficiency of their lungs. From grueling endurance races to heavy farm work, from military transport to steeple chasing, we see how horses ' stamina, strenght and agility have been essential to human life. The program gives the viewer a glimpse of the ancestors of modern Equid species and we watch as they evolve from small, cat-sized multi-toed mammals to the familiar single- hooved masters of power and speed that we know today.


From babies to adults, athlete to musicla prodigy, the science behind the body's amazing feats are reveled. why do oppsites attract? What extraordinary sensory abilities do athletes like Michael Jordean, musicians like Ray Charles and food aficionados like Craig claiborne have which allow them to excel liek no oter in their craft? How do te brain's one billion nerve cells somehow make chewing go faster when there's music in the air? The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE AWESOME promises to be much more than a lesson in anatomy.


Grey and swift as an F-14, it homes in on its prey with a leathal array of five separate long range sensors. The shark's evolution to become the ultimate predator is the subject of this master reference to the world's greatest living creatures.


The largest creatures that ever lived and et exquisitely graceful mammals, whales cna dive a mile into the depths of the ocean. Learn about their past, discover their successes and failures, see starling comparisons of size and speedandcutting edge computer animation in your master referce to the world's greatest livign creatures. WHy has the whale changed its entire habitat, transforning itself from a land animal to a water borne giant? Ultimate Guide to the Awesome: Whales attempts to answer that question and others as it explores the reaches of our knowledge.


Mummies have allowed us to delve into the past and learn about people thousands of years old we knew little or nothing about. Some mummies were buried without coffins in shallow pits while others lay in elaborate, brick - lined tombs. Egyptologists will explain the embalming process step by step including wrapping the mummy which took 15 days and hundreds of yards of bandages. Peruvian mummies were formed into bundles and surprisingly survived the damp climate. After unearthing these bundles, scientists will use scanning electron microscopy, X-rays, and stomach ananlysis in the hopes of revealing more about these long forgotten people.

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Title: Ulimate Guide To The Awesome ( 7In 1) ( Set Of 7 Dvd'S)
Studio / Distributor: Eagle Home Entertainment
Format: DVD
Language: English
EAN: C2DE816C32103
No. of Units: 1
Binding: DVD


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