Musical Aura Seasons Of Life 4 Dvd Set Box (savd1669)

Musical Aura Seasons Of Life 4 Dvd Set Box (savd1669) (DVD)

Music Label: GIPSY VIDEO
Format: DVD
Language: Other
Binding: DVD
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What Is Musical Aura? Since everything in the world is associated with music, we call the specific music associated with every object, emotion or memory, its Musical Aura. This musical series has tunes that brings up visions of various things, like a euphoric child, or gently falling rain, or even a small moon slowly orbiting its planet. Using different instruments, harmonies and a fusion of Indian and Western arrangements and scales, diverse moods and memories have been captured.
This musical pieces are categorised into separate themes and each theme is presented in its own album. This is an ever expanding series, capturing every emotion, every desire and every experience of life

The Music of Blossoms
Long ago, life was lived at an easy pace. Homes had gardens. Each garden had a wooden swing. Neighbours took time to be friends. A helping hand was easy to find.
On summer nights friends would call and be welcomed. Afternoon naps were a routine. Fun filled trips to carnivals. Bicycle rides to the riverside. Soft religious bells sounding in the distance. Nature was just a walk away. Homes were not just houses, but habitats full of love.
This album recounts those moments of time in everyones life which brought us contentment, even though distant, but always in our memories.

Music of the drifting Sun
The first sight of summer as a bud begins to form late in the horizon begins a summers down. A bud begins to petal and colours send a shine, the morning has broken and smells of fruit and fresh wine. The trees are almost green the summer is a gorgeous sight the prettiest Ive ever seen. The tarmac begins to melt and birds begin to sing tweeting and chirping underneath a mothers wing. The beat comes on heavy and beams surround the earth as creatures of nature summoned a new child birth. The warm feeling of waking up as the sun burns through my eyes, not a cloud in sight or rain a drip but clear deep blue skies. The warmth heats every object in sight and shine glass very bright and nature itself is smelling sweet and is going with the heat. A summers day and the beach are hot with popple all around, your feet start to burn as soon as they touch the ground. The sand in between your toes is as irritating as can be, but youre at the seaside, its a beautiful day with plenty of deep blue sea. This is my thought of summer and how it is these days, loving each and every moment of those summer rays.

Music of the Falling Snowflakes
Winter arrives on the last swirl of Autumns dry leaves. Her glistening gown of ice and snow Leaves a trail of snow flurries wherever she goes, A Crown of snowflakes she regally wears, As she raises her sculptured ice scepter Waving over the land Transforming the brown earth to white with a wave of her hand, Her subjects stand naked, no covering of leaves on their limbs The once vibrant coats they wore gone with the winds, A new garment theyll wear arraigned in white, Turing the dark landscape to a brilliant delight, For every season its time to rest, The lovely flowers must survive the test, in the burst of spring they will emerge as always Gods masterpiece, His artistry the best, Shall follow one season after another for all our lives to remember. Now the winters time is here in all its icy splendor.

Music of the Clouds
Some are fond of sunshine, well so am I but I like the rain too, falling from the sky for when merry April, Trips over hills and plains Isnt it delightful, Running through the rain?
Bright eyed little blossoms, growing by the way Look up as we pass them, Laughingly to say So the shower has caught you, And escape is Vain isnt it delightful running through the rain?
Pitter patter softly, Drip the drops around While the peeping sun beam, Gilds the scented ground Shelter nowhere near us, Yet we dont complain For its so delightful, Running through the rain.

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Title: Musical Aura Seasons Of Life 4 Dvd Set Box (savd1669)
Music Label: GIPSY VIDEO
Format: DVD
Language: Other
Binding: DVD


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