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Rado Watches in India

Rado watches are a well-known brand with its headquarters in Switzerland. The first collection of Rado watches was launched in the year 1957. The scratch proof watch was launched in 1962 for the first time and was known as the 'Rado Diastar'. Rado watches became a part of the Swatch group in the year 1983. Rado watches are truly one of a kind. Epitomizing superior quality and an unmatched sense of style they are a combination of hard metal, high-tech ceramics, and sapphire crystals. High-tech lanthanum, ceramics and diamonds also constitute the Rado watches.

Rado Integral Watches

The Integral watches from Rado offer an elegant complement to professional and casual wear. They can be worn on a daily basis. These Rado watches are made of hi-tech ceramics and is completely scratch proof. It is thin and has tall rectangular silver-tone ceramic case. Other features include a date window at 6 o'clock, 100% scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, ultra-precise Swiss quartz analog movement, and water resistance up to 30 meters (100 feet). Besides, the 'Integral' models captivate with their unique design and incomparable wearer-comfort. Bracelet in integral watches is made of highly resistant, skin-friendly high-tech ceramics.

Rado Sintra Watches

The Sintra watches are elegant looking. Made of high-tech ceramics, sapphire crystal, diamond studded dial and quartz movement. The watches generally come in S, L, XL and XXL. The small size however comes without date. This category of Rado watches are stunning in its form as well as the typical Rado design. The typical design is rectangular based, with a beautifully flowing transition between the case and the bracelet.

Sintra gold, Sintra Jubile and Sintra chronograph are the important variants. It is designed with definitive Rado signature: daring, powerful and individualistic. The watch has these elements brought together to form the stunning and exclusive collection. The latest watches from Sintra go well for all occasions like leisure wear, party wear or for everyday wear.

Rado Ceramica Watches

This category of Rado watches is made from high-tech ceramics and sapphire crystal. They are scratch proof watch and available in either black or platinum color. The Rado Ceramica comes with ultra-precise Swiss quartz analog or digital/ analog movement. Appropriate for sporty or dressy attire, these watches are exclusive with a unique sense of style. Bored with the stainless steel look? Then go for the Rado Ceramica.

Rado Coupole Watches

Tado Coupole which have the top surface covered with dome shaped sapphire crystals and the lower surface with scratch proof high tech ceramics is Rado Coupole. The Jubile version is the set of jeweled watches which have genuine diamonds and precious stones. The distinct features in Rado Coupole include the ultra precise swizz quartz movement, water resistance upto 30m and of course the scratch proof sapphire crystal.

Rado eSenza Watches

Rado eSenza is among the unique Rado watches which are available only on a strap. They are crafted in stainless steel or ceramic oval cases. These watches carry a precise quartz mechanism. A multitude of diamond options make it all the more wearable. Rado eSenza watches for men and women are elegantly styled and make an impeccable style statement. The diamond encrusted bezel and a beautiful leather band add to its exclusive beauty. This infuses modern taste with a touch of old world style. These watches are water resistant up to 30 meters.

Rado Joaillerie Watches

A perfect blend of modernity and style, the designs are so exclusive that they make perfect style statements. It is the perfect companion for the contemporary woman with the most demanding standards. It is well known as the watch that mirrors the 'highly personal' philosophy. These Rado watches mostly come in expensive metals and are often bejeweled. They are also known as Jewelry watches because of their superlative appearance.

Rado Original Watches

The Rado original is better known as a collector's item. The exquisite designs and quality construction make it a truly delightful buy. This category of Rado watches are generally known as modern classics. Besides the classic versions, there is the Diver and Chrono which are unique and add to the exclusivity of Rado watches.

The Rado Original comes with hard metal bezel and sapphire crystal. The sapphire crystal is faceted for better scratch proof effect. The Rado original also has a screw-down steel case back, with the Rado's stamped seahorses medallion. It is 100 meters water resistant. The diver version come with automatic movement and is 300 meters water resistant and ideal for professionals. The 'Chrono' version from Rado Original is also special as it comes with a 1/10 second quartz chronograph movement.

Rado V10K Watches

It is claimed to be the hardest watch in the world. Made of high-tech diamond ceramic, the Rado collection is almost incomplete without the V10K. V10K stands for Vickers 10,000. Vickers is a measure of hardness with the scale ranging from 0 to 10,000 which is the ultimate value only diamonds can attain. Even stainless steel has a Vickers value of only 200. The face of the watch is a curved scratch proof sapphire crystal with an engraved Rado logo. The logo is metalized and soldered. Interestingly the bracelets are made of caoutchouc and are available in black, orange, red and blue. It has an ultra-precise Swiss Quartz crownless movement. If you are looking for a watch with a cutting edge technology and graceful design then the Rado V10K is the one for you.

Rado watches are a unique brand of swizz watches that have been welcomed across the world for its unbeatable style, design and advanced technology. The jeweled variety with diamond studs are one of a kind. For luxury watch lovers this high-tech ceramic watch with sapphire crystal, is indeed a must have.