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Rolex Watches in India

Rolex watches are a thing of beauty and product of technology. Rolex has the reputation of being one of the most renowned items of luxury so much so that it is considered a priceless possession. Rolex watches are the official time keepers of Wimbledon and the Australian Open Grand slams. Style, grace and an unmatched panache all sums up in Rolex watches. You might have been awed by the Oyster perpetual, made popular by James Bond, who flaunts it in the spy novel series. Rolex watches in India have the following product lines which are extremely popular:

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches

Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch made famous by the James Bond series, has the reputation of being a lasting timepiece. The Rolex Oyster was introduced in the year 1926 and was the first airtight, dustproof, and waterproof watch. It came to be known as Oyster Perpetual after a self winding mechanism introduced in the year 1931. Since then the Rolex Oyster perpetual, has survived all conditions of heat, cold, high summits and outer space conditions without missing a single beat. Oyster Perpetual-based sports watches and chronographs were introduced from the 1950s.

Rolex Professional Watches

Rolex watches designed especially for professionals who want the best that technology can offer, are categorized as Rolex Professional watches. It includes the 'Rolex Datejust' and 'Rolex Submariner'. Rolex 'Sea Dweller' is another variety of professional watches which is incidentally among the lesser known sports watches. An advanced version known as the 'Sea Dweller Deep Sea' is a top of the line dweller. The Rolex Professional watch series are mainly priced for their accurate time keeping, durability, functionality and the exclusive designs.

Rolex Cellini Watches

This collection from Rolex watches is named after the person who designed them, Mr. Benvenuto Cellini, an artist himself. They are elegantly styled, with soft lined quartz movements for that extra stunning look. They form the collection of jeweled watches.

The gent's collection includes leather straps in neutral colors which impart a subdued elegance. Though it may be understated for some it has definitely kept pace with the changing trends. Contrary to the gents models the women's models are all powered by Quartz movements. They look delicately ornate with studded jewels. These benevolently elegant watches are inspired by an outstanding talent of fine craftsmanship of Benvenuto Cellini.

Rolex watches are undeniably regal and a thing of luxury. It is certainly not among the easily affordable makes. If the price tags have been worrying you, then make way for the less expensive version form Rolex SA, the Tudor.

But all said and done, there can be no replacement for the world renowned brand Rolex and rightly so. Rolex watches are best described as the fusion of technology and style. Fashion meets expertise in all the exquisitely manufactured Rolex watches. Whether they will rule the world of luxury watches, time can only tell.