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Idea Ladies Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet

  • Stylish ladies Bluetooth vibrating bracelet which vibrates on calls and distance from your cell phone whilst also displaying the time and caller IDs.
  • Fashionable High Quality Bracelet
  • This comfortable black and white fashion accessory is a wonderfully designed bracelet which also functions as a Bluetooth device which vibrates when you receive calls.
  • It is made of a durable smooth plastic and has soft gel padding underneath so it wont damage your skin.
  • Many girls have their phones in their hand bags and dont feel the vibration or even hear their ring tone in busy areas.
  • With this awesome bracelet they can have a wearable fashion accessory and never miss a call again.
  • Caller ID and LED Time Display
  • This beautiful bracelet also displays the caller ID, so you can see the phone number of the person calling, so instead of having to struggle opening your bag in a busy area, you can instantly tell if the call is important or not.
  • You can also reject calls from the bracelet itself by pressing the B button three times.
  • Another great feature of this bracelet is that it features a time display.
  • A lot of girls these days dont like wearing a tight fitting watch, and so this comfortable and stylish bracelet gives girls the perfect solution to have a cool fashion accessory that can also tell the time.
  • Security Loss Vibration Function
  • Do you ever forget your phone at the office, home, restaurant or on a night out with your friends?
  • This awesome Bluetooth bracelet will vibrate when paired with your mobile phone if it travels more than 20 meters away from the phone.
  • With this great function you will never forget your phone again.
  • This bracelet provides so many cool features whilst looking stylish and cool, its a must have buy for girls, even without any functions at all its still extremely desirable just for the look of its design.
  • Great Fashion Gadget Deal
  • Why not order this futuristic looking bracelet today.
  • With all its great functions and its great fashion look, its sure to be a hit with the ladies.
  • Its also a great present for guys to give to their girlfriends and wives, since its both functional and beautiful.
  • Theyll appreciate you thinking about their needs and also thinking about their style.
  • At a Glance...
  • High quality and sleek fashionable Ladies Bracelet Cuff
  • OLED Time Display with Battery Life Indicator
  • Caller ID and Call Hang Up
  • Simple Bluetooth setup and secure connection
  • Security Loss Vibration 20 meter range from Phone
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Perfect Gift for girls - Functional and Fashionable
  • Connectors/Ports: Charging port
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Dial Color Black
Dial Shape Oval
Display Type Digital


Strap Type Bracelet
Strap Color Silver

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