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Abdul Kalam Books: Root to Humanity & Simplicity !

The man who took nation, humanity & logic; hand on hand. The man who lived the preachings of, 'Simple living, high thinking'; in a broader sense. And the man who knows science as much as he backs the conscience. He's none other than the, 'Missile Man Of India' & 'Former Indian President' – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Years passed by, that India awaited for it's treasure trove. And that was made the grade, with the arrival of APJ Abdul Kalam. And such personalities are eternal, with the thoughts they leave behind them. Thoughts; that provoke thinking, be sceptical and move out of normality. And if you're willing to dive into such thoughts of him, sneak into the range of Abdul Kalam books. This is the space that'll grow you, throughout!

The man who has Ignited myriad minds, has continued doing so, even after his demise. And that's done through the tool of Abdul Kalam books; you see here. He's thoughts were simple and yet inspiring. Hence, they feed the minds of one and all. If you have convinced yourself, that Abdul Kalam books would gratify only those bunch of science lovers; than pick one from here and read once. His writing is comprehensive of all the facts that concerns humanity. In fact, there's a medley of versions when it comes to Abdul Kalam Biography. From, S Chandra to K Bhushan and Fr A K George; and many others. They all have built up their version of Abdul Kalam Biography; and yet the base is immutable on his simple and humanitarian personality.

Mind and heart like Abdul Kalam are few and far between; in the world where the chaos of body endures. Their life doesn't preach anything new, but just a try to reinvest the belief in the old one. How the melange of perseverance, will power and values; helps you walk on the path that you thought doesn't prevails anymore. This is what Abdul Kalam books, are for. This is what, they inculcate in your thoughts and deeds. Infibeam understands the need of an hour, and creates a unique shelf of an array of Abdul Kalam books; to it's book store. Words and thoughts of such personalities, should reach out to every youngster (at age & heart), of the nation. Pick one, and expand your thought process!

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