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Suzuki Bikes and Scooters

Suzuki two wheelers first entered India in collaboration with TVS motors. TVS Suzuki mopeds ruled the mopeds niche until other competitors started showing up. The 100 cc Ind-Suzuki was the first Suzuki motorcycle on Indian roads. Suzuki Motorcycles are catering to the needs and demands of the bike lovers across the country.

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd., independent of TVS, is marketing the Suzuki Heat Alloy, and Suzuki Zeus brands in the Indian market. Keen to establish an identity separate from the TVS tag, and retain and grow its market share, Suzuki bikes in India is focusing on futuristic technologies, which have been an instant hit with youngsters enthralled by speed and power.

Suzuki bikes have gained tremendous name and fame due to their excellent power, performance, fuel efficiency, and elegant style. The top selling Suzuki Bikes in India are Suzuki Access, Suzuki heat alloy wheel, Suzuki Zeus 125EU etc. Suzuki Bikes in India has the experience and expertise that makes Suzuki Bike consistent performer.

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