M.S.Dhoni & Sourav Ganguly

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India is a country where cricket is followed as religion and cricketers are worshiped like gods. No matter how old they are, Indians eat cricket, sleep cricket & drink cricket. If you are one of such Indians, you are on the right page. Infibeam has launched an exclusive cricket book store for cricket aficionados. This showcase covers book on cricket and deals with various aspects of the game. There are biographies & autobiographies of players, tips & tricks of the game, the copybook style of the game and much more exciting stuff printed on pages.

If cricket is a religion, Sachin is God. If this statement sounds hyperbolic, perhaps you are not an Indian. Cricket is running with blood in the veins of Indians and the tremendous passion displayed by cricket lovers vouches for their adoration for this wonderful sport. If you are one of those million cricket lovers, here is a showcase on cricket books for you. With diverse content penned by expert authors & cricketers, this showcase satiates your zeal for this phenomenon called cricket. Books on Sachin, Dhoni, Dravid, Sunil Gavaskar, Imran Khan, Shane Warne and other star cricketers take you to an arduous journey of how a great sportsman is made by sheer hard work and practice.

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