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Indian Author eBooks Collection

This gallery of eBooks features Indian authors – those contributing to literature produced in English and also those writing in the national language. As you can see, the subject matter covered is very wide, and include all forms of writing whether it is poetry, fiction or non-fiction. Indian authors have come of age and are reaching out to the world to make their presence felt. Salman Rushdie, Anita Desai, Vikram Bhatt, VS Naipaul, etc are the proof of it.
What is remarkable about these Indian author eBooks is that the authors featured here are all very different from one another, belonging to different socio- cultural traditions, and, therefore, differ in their way of thinking and life-style. It directly impacts their writing styles. Further twist to their writings is provided by the different disciplines they were trained into. Many of them have either spent a considerable time of their life abroad in English-speaking nations like UK and America or are settled there permanently. It gives their writing styles uniquely English or American accent. But what matters here is that these authors are all best in their way.