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Magazines: Since 1663 and Still going Strong!

It was still the world of black and whites and the time of slow ‘motions’ of 1663, when the first magazine was published in Germany. Since then, not much things have not changed. Not a lot of things have survived for such long times through the ebbs and tides and through the whirlpools of existence. However, magazines have been a cornerstone still standing tall! Infact, with our lives running at superfast speeds, and in that constant quest to keep abreast with the world, magazines have become even more important. At Infibeam, you will be able to find all such magazines at one place. The e-store's collection boasts of a huge assortment in several categories and languages other than english for online magazine subscription.

India Magazines have grown by leaps and bounds!

Magazines are a great source of knowledge, information and entertainment. With magazines subscriptions you can stay updated with the currents affairs, world news, sports buzz, business news and a lot more. Magazines are generally housewives' best friends and one of the favourite pastimes. There are health tips, recipes for delicious food, fashion & style do's & don'ts and many other informative articles that keep them engrossing and fascinated towards these magazines. Business and tech magazines are of great use for businessmen, job seekers, students and other people having entrepreneurship, information technology, new technology innovations as their interests. There are magazines for sports and fashion lovers too. To fascinate and increase the awareness among children there are children magazines that consist of information revolving around kid's interests. Find a great assemblage of Top Magazines pertaining to all the subjects here on Infibeam!

Buy Best Magazines Online Only On Infibeam!

Apart from the exemplary book store, Infibeam also offers magazine in categories like Advertising, Apparel, Architecture, Art, Astrology, Beauty, Business, Children, Comics, Computers, Culture, Current Affairs, Design, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion, Film, Food and Beverages, Games, Gardening, Graphics, Health and Fitness, Home Décor, Jewellery, Landscaping, Legal, Lifestyle, Mobile, Music, News, Parenting, Photography, Science & Technology, Spiritual, Sports,  Travel, Wildlife and more. You may have found out by now that it is only Infibeam which has the finest collection of Hindi Magazines along with magazines in other Indian languages like Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Telugu. If you are one of those fond of knowledge-nuggets on the go, buy magazines online here on Infibeam and satiate your nerves. Also, do keep an eye on the ‘deal of the day’ the section to celebrate the fest that Online Shopping is!


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