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Olive Mobiles in India

Olive mobiles are a product of Olive Telecom; a world class designer and supplier of mobile phones. The world renowned designs comprise both 2G/3G handsets and smartphones that are connected to high end data modems. Olive mobile phones reflect precision, impeccable technology and matchless design.

Olive Telecom is headquartered at Gurgaon and is a leading Convergence Solutions Device Developer. It has its presence in mobile telephony, mobile computing and the wireless broadband domain. Olive mobiles have an impressive portfolio across areas like CDMA, GSM, WCDMA and EV-DO handsets and smart-phones. Olive mobile phones are an outcome of diligent research and technical up-gradation. The olive mobile phones company has a marketing reach in more than 24 countries.

Olive mobiles are equipped with the latest in telecommunication technology. The constant focus on research and development and high end products has resulted in their growing popularity. Besides the highly impressive Olive mobile phones catalog, Olive Telecom also manufactures wireless modems and netbooks. The diligent services, optimal after sales customer support and consistency, have helped Olive mobiles earn a niche in the telecom market.

Mobiles from Olive :

Olive CandyBar Mobiles

Olive V-G8000

Olive CandyBar Mobiles

Olive V-G8000 is an innovatively designed mobile phone with a list of enticing features. The Olive V-G8000 has a 2.2 inch TFT type display. The QWERTY keypad makes messaging a breeze. The 1500 mAh battery offers a talk time of 10h and stand by time of 400h. The Olive V-G8000 has a 2.2 inch wide TFT display. The Olive V-G8000 also has 16 polyphonic ringtones and hands free speaker. The inbuilt FM radio with stereo headset, and pre-loaded games, make up the entertainment features of Olive V-G8000. The sturdy build, ultra long battery, and appealing looks makes the Olive V-G8000 a good buy.

Olive V-G1100

Olive CandyBar Mobiles

Olive V-G1100 is a super slim GSM mobile phone built on the ULC2 platform. It has dimensions of 80x50x8.5. The display screen is 1.2" wide with a screen resolution of 96x49. The Olive V-G1100 has a 450mAh battery which offers a talk time of 2h and stand by time of 100h. It has 16 polyphonic ringtones and it supports English/Hindi languages. The elegant styling and easy to use features makes the Olive V-G1100 a great phone to own.

Olive V-G2100

Olive CandyBar Mobiles

The Olive Glide VG2100 mobile has a sleek and trendy design. The color display makes the phone a visual treat. It is built on a ULC2 platform. The dimensions of the phone are 96x 47x 12mm. The Olive Glide VG2100 has a 650mAh battery that offers a talk time of 3h and stand by time of 100h. The display screen has a resolution of 128x128. FM radio and inbuilt games make up the features of the simple and elegantly designed Olive Glide VG2100. White backlight, FM, 100+ phonebook, Splash and dust proof keypad and Torch are the other features included.

Olive V-G3200

Olive CandyBar Mobiles

The Olive V-G3200 is a Dual SIM mobile phone having the MTK6223 platform. It has dimensions of 108.2 x 45.6 x 12 mm. The Olive V-G3200 has a 1.8 inch wide TFT type display. The 1000mAh battery offers a talk time of 7h. The Olive V-G3200 has FM, MP3/MP4, MicroSD, 64 poly, WAP2.0, MMS, GPRS, Bluetooth, and Camera. In built torch, games and calendar make up the features of the Olive V-G3200.

Olive V-G200

Olive CandyBar Mobiles

Olive V-G200 is an innovative handset with elegant design and easy to use features. It has dimensions of 115x51x16.0 mm. The Olive V-G200 mobile has an extensible memory of 4GB. There is a 2000mAh battery which offers a talk time of 12h and stand by time of 400h. The 2.2inch TFT+TP type display is ideal for users that love to capture pictures. The Olive V-G200 is WAP and GPRS enabled. MP3/MP4, Micro SD,WAP2.0, MMS, GPRS, Bluetooth with A2DP, Camera, Webcam, Touch screen, drag and drop shortcuts are the other features incorporated. The FM radio and games make up the multimedia features of the Olive V-G200.

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