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- ‘The Man on A Mission!’

“The beacon of hope shining bright in the hearts of 1 billion people.” “One of The most Influential Leaders of the World.” “Man on a mission to make things in the country, right.” - The list of phrases praising India’s current Prime Minister will remain endless, if we go to begin with it. Just like the list of things that have been improved, developed since he came into power three years ago. Many authors have made glorious attempts to pen down in the gigantic persona of this man. A lot of them are definitely worth savouring. Not only because he is a PM that there have been so many books on Narendra Modi, but also because the discipline he lives with and the persona that he carries, has attracted all the forms of art to him like moths to the source of light.

Narendra Modi Books

: Honour that has Lured Writers

Many know that Narendra Modi have been a Master in Political Science, an unparalleled Orator, the most disciplined leader, the most inspirational Personality. However, not many are aware about his love for art and writing. Of course, the Narendra Modi Books top the list of intriguing reads. But, how about Narendra Modi - the writer, the wordsmith? Infibeam proudly brings you an impeccable assemblage of books on Narendra Modi and also, the ones written by him. Satiate the curious mind constantly wanting to know more about the personality that has lived on our screens every day, buy books on Narendra Modi here on Infibeam.

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From ‘Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times’ to ‘Narendra Modi: A Political Biography’, from books on him to books by him. We have them all assembled here in a luring manner. Be it in english or in hindi, you are bound to find it here. Similar to the wide range of books Infibeam overall has, the choices here too are endless. And, the customer friendly policies that we have in place are sure make it feast for the bibliophilic elements in you. Get your thumbs, ready and grab your copies while the offers are aplenty!

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