School Textbooks

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School Books– Melange of Learning and Fun!

School books are one of the most important companions of any child. They lay the strong foundation of the most basic concepts in the malleable brain of the child. On Infibeam, there is a wide collection of school textbooks on various subjects. All these books are National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) specified to suit the criteria of a school's curriculum. So, why waste time going to a particular shop to buy school book for your child, when you can purchase school textbooks online at the comfort of your house or office.

Buy School Textbooks Online, Ease Your Burden

We understand the hectic lifestyle you are living, so ease your burden by buying school books online from Infibeam. Also, these books cover subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths and General Knowledge. These books not only follow the conventional old school concepts, but they also vary in the levels of problem solving and aptitude building that would help a child push his limits of intelligence and learning. School textbooks online are available in two languages – Hindi and English on Infibeam.

Empower Your Child's Brain, With School Books

The NCERT textbooks on Infibeam vary in degrees of conditioning a child's mind at early stages, as they come under topics like IIT Foundation Maths, Step by Step Approach to Mental Ability, Boost Your Aptitude and Problem Solving Assessment meant for children of class 8th to 12th. Anyone can afford these books as they are nominally priced between Rs 100 to Rs 500 to avoid burdening a child's pocket and help them acquire these books easily. To add more, there is 45% off on these school textbooks apart from regular text books, the collection also includes comprehensive annual reports that can evaluate a child's performance. This will further help a child gauge his position and areas to be worked upon. As young minds need the right knowledge, these books will act as catalysts to help build a child's mind into a power pack of knowledge and intelligence.

School Textbooks - Give Your Child the Gift of Education

Infibeam, one of the leading online shopping platforms gives you options to choose from wide range of NCERT books for your child. There is a secured payment gateway, where you can either pay through cash or debit/credit card. Along with quick delivery of products, there is also easy money return and exchange policy.

Here's the collection of new releases, that's going to last years on the shelf and give an extension to your perspective, each time you indulge into them. Yes, Infibeam speaks with pride and respect; of it's expansive collection of new releases books; that are here to reach souls of widespread readers!

Plethora of Online Books on subjects that stirs your heart and captivates your mind, search for a perfect book on Infibeam that gives you a good company over a cup of hot brewing coffee!

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