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Tempo Traveller

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Tempo Traveller Designer Car

Tempo Traveller

Congratulations on purchasing Force Motors Tempo Traveller. A versatile vehicle that it is, have you given thought about getting a fully customised makeover from Dilip Chhabria Design? Now, that's something that can be indeed worthwhile.

In the hands of DC Design, your Tempo Traveller gets an entirely new look. DC Design does a complete remodelling of the vehicle to raise it up to club class. Every vehicle from the DC Design stable has the unmistakable stamp of Dilip Chhabria's design and quality on it. Experience and witness the vehicle transform from mundane to eye-catching. The change is substantial and the end result is grace, elegance and flamboyance.

The interiors are clad with Moulded FRP panels that are long lasting and easy to maintain. The roof and side contain a mix of LED and fluorescent lamps. The partition with glazing behind the driver and co-driver's seat houses the audio video system. Interior lighting can be controlled with a proprietary control. The interiors also get a sofa seating in leather for five people which can be alternatively used for sleeping for one or two persons.

For convenience, pull a fold out table from the side wall. To add to the sophistication and style, the windows have concealed drapes and the floor has carpet covering. The rear has a chemical toilet cubicle with a pressurised water tank below the floor, and there's a pantry/wardrobe provision also subject to the availability of space.

Needless to say, DC Design incorporates matching electricals to suit such rave interiors.

An added air suspension kit helps in providing stable and comfortable riding experience.

These consist of twin 20 inch LCD TV, DVD player, two sets of component speakers, an intercom, and an inverter to run these equipments. The exteriors are done up in an equally matching taste to suit the interiors. Moreover, the exteriors get FRP cladding and complete painting in 2K system to the client's choice of colour.

DC Design gives the client a whole list of optionals. The driver's cabin gets done up with a music system and fan. The interiors include a reading lamp, a 12V fridge, 12V coffee maker and a high end German carpet. To add to the sophistication, exterior sliding windows are replaced with fixed glazing and the interior panels have leather covering. Additionally, there is sound insulation and reverse camera for better view of the driver. So, simply drive in with your Tempo Traveller and watch the Dilip Chhabria design team do the rest of the magic!

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