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Toyota Innova

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Toyota Innova Designer Car

Toyota Innova

Congrats! Buying Toyota Innova eminently displays your class and taste for good things in life. But when creativity and innovation match with your car's interiors, it all only goes to announce your arrival in style!

A spark of creativity is all you require and leave the rest to DC Designs.

Even as your Toyota scorches the roads, lavish yet sensibly designed interiors by DC Designs only set the ball rolling for convenience on wheels in your brand new Innova. The transformation from the archetypical to a delightful flourishing beauty is what DC Designs will remodel it to elevate.

DC Design refashioned Toyota Innova carries a modern, chic, suave, and urbane look to the hilt. The basic strip-down model transforms its interiors clad in moulded FRP panels provide direct and indirect lighting. New look Innova has a partition behind the driver and co driver seats enabling privacy, cosy and cool ambience.

An upgraded air-conditioning, plush seating systems draped in fabric and leather covering, with two push back and sliding seats at the rear and two folding seats at the front partition optimise comforts.

On safety aspect, adequate care is taken with provision of waist belts for all four passengers in Toyota Innova. The carpeted flooring elegantly blends with the interior design. Other utilities include intercom, 12V charging point, and full length centre console that houses two fold out tables and a storage box intricately blended in the interiors at appropriate positions.

Exteriors also get due attention with add on kit consisting of integrated lamps for the front bumper, refurbished rear, front and rear fender, front and rear door clads, rocker panels with footstep, and front grill.

Enhancing its style and sophistication, your Toyota Innova can be fitted with a set of options like a reverse camera with monitor for the driver, driver cabin done up to match the rear saloon, surface coating of the dash board, door pads, trims, and leather seating. Throw in 16" tyres and Alloy wheels, leather differentials (nappa) for seats and satellite antenna for viewing onboard television, and your Innova is dressed to 'treat you like a Royal on the roads!'

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