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Q. What is Pi?

A. Pi is just the beginning of an initiative from Infibeam.com to create a digital platform that weaves together eBooks and Reading Devices. eBooks includes Books, Newspapers and Magazines and other text-based content in digital format. Likewise Reading Devices include computer, Pi and many other eBook readers. Customers can read digital content from any source on Pi or read eBooks from Infibeam on any device including Pi. That is how open our initiative is.

Our platform covers the full spectrum from digitization of content to distribution online. We're working with content owners and leveraging technologies & expertise from many sources wherever required. This whole concept of creating a digital platform for Indian audience at the right price and with the most important features is what is novel and green. We will be creating many more Pi's in future - more advanced, more unique.

Q. What formats does Pi support?

A. Please click below link to see the exact formats supported

Q. Does it support xyz format?

A. Please click below link to see the exact formats supported

Q. Can I import my own files? Can I buy eBooks from other sellers and read them on Pi.

A. As long as the format is supported and the DRM requirements are satisfied you can import your own files from any computer / operating system including PCs & MAC.

Q. Does Pi have a touch-screen?

A. No

Q. Does Pi have wireless?

A. Pi does not have wireless. eBooks will need to be downloaded via USB from a computer.

Q. Does Pi support download over mobile / GSM networks?

A. Pi does not support download over wireless. eBooks will need to be downloaded via USB from a computer.

Q. Can I browse the internet on Pi?

A. Pi does not have wireless support so you cannot browse the internet.

Q. Is there a text search feature?

A. Yes Pi supports text search. You can enter text through a keyboard that is activated and controlled on the screen through the square button.

Q. Does it have text to speech feature?

A. Pi does not support text to speech. However it does support mp3 files and audiobooks.

Q. Does Pi read images within documents?

A. Yes Pi reads images within documents such as PDF.

Q. Are you working on future versions?

A. The current version of Pi offers the most essential features such as readability, light weight, audio playback and support to read our own documents at the best price. We are working on higher versions of Pi which will have more features at additional cost. These versions will be launched sometime later this year.

Q. Will you consider special requests / discounts for corporate?

A. Please write to us at corporateprogram@infibeam.net with your requirement and we'll get back to you.

Q. What all eBooks are available on Pi?

A. Please visit our eBooks store at http://www.infibeam.com/eBooks/ to see the selection.

Q. Do we need to pay separately for eBooks?

A. Rs. 9999 is for the eBookReader. Each eBook has a separate price which you will need to buy separately.

Q. Can you compare it with Kindle?

A. We are sorry we cannot provide a comparison with Kindle at present. If you have any specific questions we'll be glad to answer.

Q. Does it support reading in nights (in dark)?

A. All eBook readers come with a technology called as EInk. This technology does not have any backlight in order to prevent glare / strain on eyes and make reading easier for long hours. So in order to read at nights you'll need an external source of light.

Q. What is EInk?

A. All eBook readers come with a technology called as EInk. This technology does not have any backlight which puts less strain on the eyes making it easier for long reading sessions on an electronic device. You can read about EInk over here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E_Ink

Q. What is DRM?

A. DRM is a process used to prevent piracy and copying of digital information such as eBooks, Music etc. For more technical details please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_rights_management. There are also free eBooks which have not gone through a DRM process. In short if you've bought an ebook from anywhere (or if its a free ebook) and the format is supported by Pi, you'll be able to copy it to Pi and read it. If you copy the eBook from a friend's computer who bought it you will not be able to read it on Pi since that is piracy.

Q. Can I change font size? When font size is changed, does it reflow the text?

A. Yes. Its beautiful.

Q. Does Pi handle multi column pdf files ?

A. Yes.

Q. Does Pi handle Unicode fonts?

A. Yes

Q. What is the OS on Pi?

A. It uses a linux core.

Q. Does it show colored pictures?

A. The EInk technology used on Pi supports gray scale only. So it cannot display colored images.

Q. What is the dpi resolution of EBook Reader?

A. The Pi display has a resolution of 600x800 pixels with 166 dpi B&W and 8 grayscale.

Q. Can you give us the battery life in terms of number of pages?

A. The battery life of Pi lasts 10,000 page refreshes.

Q. Which languages can be read on Pi?

A. Assamese, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithali, Malyalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu (Kindly note that a few non-supported fonts in regional languages, cannot be read in Infibeam Pi.)

Q. What is the Length and Width of Pi Screen?

A. Length: 5 Inch, Width: 3.5 Inch

Q. Which memory cards can be used with Pi?

A. SD card and SDHC card can be used with Pi to store Data. The maximum capacity is 4 GB. Micro SD cards cannot be used with Pi.

Q. I can't zoom font size for a scanned book. How do I make scanned PDF files work best on Pi?

A. When you scan a file, if you don't perform any OCR (optical character recognition) the pdf file is nothing but an image. When you zoom in on text eReaders have to reflow the text accordingly to fit the page text on screen. In an image, reflow is not possible without the eReader having to do OCR. Try this - Click the square button, on context menu click on Font icon and then click on the Zoom In (the lens icon), see the magic. Use the arrows to navigate the zoomed image. Use square button again to zoom more. Not ideal for reading a full book, but good enough for reading a 1-2 pager. If you want to scan books to Pi, please use an OCR software.

Q. Will you provide firmware updates free of cost to us?

A. Yes. All firmware updates as and when they come up, will be provided through an email for download free of cost.

Q. The positioning of images in a file not proper all the time.

A. Its as much a content issue as a reader issue. All mobile readers face these challenges. eBooks have to go through a design for them to suit a mobile readers. http://craigmod.com/journal/ipad_and_books/ explains more on text reflows.

Q. How to upgrade Pi Firmware?

  1. Click Here to download upgraded firmware

  2. Unzip the contents of the downloaded file into the SD card

    Note: Please make sure that the SD card is clean and does not have any preloaded files or documents.
    - Please do not copy the zip file to the SD card.

  3. Make sure the Pi is charged (charge for about 4 - 5 hours)

  4. Insert the SD card in the slot on top of Pi

  5. Press the following three keys at the same time (See image below)

    Pi Front
    - Return key (4)
    - Navigation button (6)
    - Power button (1)

    The device will reboot / the screen will re- fresh. The firmware will start installing. It will take several minutes for the install process to finish. The message of “Firmware installation completed" will be shown if the install process is successful.

  6. Remove the SD card

  7. Push the power key to turn ON the device.

    Note: If the above process does not work please try the above steps by removing the battery and re-installing it.

Phi FAQs

Q. What is Phi?

A. Infibeam Phi is an incredible 7 inch touch screen media device that supports different multimedia formats to get education, entertainment and much more at your finger tips.

Q. What formats does Phi support?

A. Please click below links to see the exact formats supported


Q. What is the version of operating system used?

A. Android Phi comes with Android 1.5 while Windows Phi comes with Windows CE 6.0.

Q. Will it be possible to upgrade the operating system to a newer version by end user?

A. Yes, we will come up with firmware to upgrade operating system within short time.

Q. How can we connect to internet in Phi?

A. Phi comes with Wi-Fi. You can connect to internet with the help of Wi-Fi.

Q. How can I connect Phi to my computer?

A. Phi comes with Mini USB connector. You can connect Phi to computer with the help of this connector. You can also connect to computer with the help of Wi-Fi.

Q. Does Phi come with LAN port?

A. No, it does not.

Q. Can we use the wireless internet connection through USB provided by likes of TATA Photon?

A. We cannot guarantee right now, we are working with telecom service providers to enable drivers to be able to support various wireless internet USB dongles.

Q. Does Phi have a Capacitive or a Resistive touch screen?

A. Both versions of the Phi come with Resistive Touch Screen.

Q. Will Phi strain eyes?

A. The screen is LCD based which can cause a glare if not held in proper position and may cause some strain over eyes while reading for long hours

Q. Does Phi come with webcam?

A. No

Q. Can an external keyboard be attached?

A. No it is not possible. Both versions of the Phi comes with virtual keyboard you can use them for typing.

Q. Does Phi have Gravity Sensor?

A. Android Phi comes with Gravity Sensor.

Q. Can we edit office documents in Windows Phi?

A. Except word and text files you cannot create or edit office documents in Phi.

Q. Which memory cards can be used with Phi?

A. Phi suppports MicroSD / TF cards.

Q. What is the storage capacity of Phi? Can I expand storage size in Phi?

A. Both versions of the Phi come with 8 GB internal memory. You can expand memory by installing Micro SD or TF card with maximum size of 32 GB.

Q. Will it be available for display anywhere or will it be available only through this site?

A. As of now it is available only through the Infibeam.com.

Q. How can I install applications in Phi?

A. Android Phi comes with Android Market. You can download applications from there. For Windows Phi you need to search application compatible for Windows CE 6.0.

Q. Does this Phi include all features of Pi including font change?

A. Phi is more tuned for viewing movies and does not come with features like font changes which are available on Pi.

Q. I am planning to buy an e-reader and I would be predominantly using it as an e-reader. Which would be best (pi or Phi) as an e-reader?

A. Pi is better for reading.

Q. Will Phi be shipped to other countries?

A. Phi will be shipped to India only.