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What is a Wallet?

A Wallet is a type of a prepaid account that allows you to shop on Infibeam.com numerous times by making the payment only once. All you need to do is just keep some balance in the Wallet. You can add balance to this by making payment of certain amount through our payment gateway and that balance then reflects in your Wallet. Thus, while placing an order you can choose to make the payment from the Wallet and leave all hassles of carrying a card or remembering other details. The amount you have shopped for will be deducted from your Wallet’s balance amount.

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How Wallet works?

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

  If you are an existing user then Login to your account and visit the Wallet page. If you don’t have an account with Infibeam.com then create one and go to the Wallet page to add balance to it.

Step 2

  Once you come to the Wallet page enter the desired amount you would like to add in your Wallet and then click on “Recharge Now”. The same check out process will be followed of using your Debit card, Credit card or Net banking facilities to make the payment.

Step 3

  Redeem it!
    After adding sufficient balance in your Wallet, you can start shopping till you run out of sufficient funds to purchase products. When you are making the payments, you must use the “Wallet” as your payment option, so your balance would be deducted accordingly from the Wallet.

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What is the benefit of using a Wallet?

While Shopping from Infibeam.com there are 3 major benefits of using a Wallet such as:

  • You can shop numerous times with onetime payment.
  • The Check-out process is much faster and simpler.
  • There is no hassle of facing failed transactions.

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What is the process to have a Wallet?

It is a simple one step procedure. You just need to Log-in to your existing Infibeam.com account or Sign-Up to create one and then you can start using Wallet by adding balance to it.

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How do I recharge or add balance to my Wallet?

In case you want to recharge or refill your Wallet all you need to do is
a. Log in to your existing Infibeam.com account.
b. Go to the Wallet page.
c. Enter the amount you wish to recharge your Wallet with.
d. Check out as usual.

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What is the maximum limit for recharge in Wallet?

The maximum limit on Wallet at Infibeam.com is Rs. 5000/-.

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How can I get to know the balance in my Wallet??

  • Log in to your existing Infibeam.com account.
  • Then go to the Wallet page and see your balance.

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How do I use the balance in my Wallet?

In order to use your Wallet balance,
a. Add items to your cart.
b. Go through the usual check-out process.
c. While making payment during the check-out, choose Wallet as the mode of payment.

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What do I do if my Wallet balance is insufficient?

If the balance in your Wallet is lesser than the amount payable, then you can make part payment using the balance in your Wallet and the remaining amount can be paid using any other payment options.

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Can i redeem Wallet on all purchases?

Yes On All Purchases apart from Purchase which consists of Items from Marketplace(Other sellers) or Purchase which consists of Gift Certificates.And you can not use the Wallet balance to recharge the mobile or DTH

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Can I transfer my Wallet balance?

No, the balance in the Wallet is associated with your infibeam.com account, thus it is non-transferable.

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What is the Refund Policy for the Prepaid Account?

The refund policy of the Wallet is governed by the type of balance you maintain in your Prepaid account.

Wallet Balance: This section will reflect the pre-paid balance credited into your Wallet using your Credit, This payment could have been made using the Credit/Debit Card or through Net banking. The amount refilled in the wallet cannot be refunded.

Credit from Infibeam.com Store: This is the balance that has been credited by Infieam.com against a cancelled order. The amount reflecting in this section can be totally refunded to you (if you so choose).

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Is there any expiry date for the balance in the Wallet?

No, there is no expiry date for the balance in your Wallet.

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Can I delete my Wallet?

This being associated to your Infibeam.com account cannot be deleted separately. Using this Wallet section is totally your choice.

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