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Often you see people cursing their life, and praising others', even though they have no clue what problems others might be facing. Without walking in someone else's shoe, people start envying others. That is how this world has grown to. Everybody wishes to live their life being someone else and forgetting their own motive among this chaos. And thus, if you feel the life is unfair to you, the books by Sudha Murthy will surely be your guiding light and change your perspective towards life merely with her words. Sudha Murthy is a philanthropist and a writer. She believes that she has learned India only through her work and poor people and always pens down her learnings in the book. She has touched millions of heart with her beautiful books. So, hop on to Infibeam to buy Sudha Murthy's books.

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With Infibeam, you never have to search twice for the locations to find your book. Infibeam is a one-step solution for all your nerdy needs. The book store is neatly bifurcated to ease your troubles and provide you with smooth experience. The books by Sudha Murthy are the must reads for every bookworm. They all contain the heart warming stories and life lessons, which surely will fill your heart with warmth. The section contains various books like - The Mother I never Knew, Wise & Otherwise, The Magic of the Lost temple and so on, which are available in various languages like Hindi and Kannada to allow you to enjoy the books in your mother tongue as well. So, get on to the mesmerizing reads.

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